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   En pista


Name: Lukas Mugevicius

Birthdate:07 12 1994

Nationality: Lithuania

Best Ranking:5th in ETA 215th in ITF

Racket: t-fight 320

String (+tension): tecnifibre xr-3

Years with TF: 7

Any official website/fan page?: Nop

Favorite website: facebook

Favorite youtube video: top 10 best tennis points ever

Favorite food: chineese

Favorite quotation: Do what you feel sorry forfeit future

Best shot: forehand inside out

Favorite player to watch: Djokovic

Favorite tournament: roland garros

Worst loss!/ashamed of…:  defeat after leading 6\0 2\0

Except your racket, what’s always in your bag? Lots of things ! My phone, T shirts, shorts, socks, drinks, jacket, pants, towel, strings, energy bar, headphones, vitamins, energy drink, under wear, grips.

Your power song in your ipod before entering the court? Linkin Park numb


   En la vida


Main objective in life: to be in top 10.

Best synonymous for tennis: never give up

Nothing is better than: winning a match

If you could turn pro in another sport which would it be and why?: auto sports (I like speed) or basketball

If someone walked into your room right now, what would they notice first?: trophies

You’re on a date an trying to impress, where do we go?:go for a walk in my Vilnius city center

You’ve got 2 weeks and a private jet, where do we go?: Miami & Paris

Top3 reasons to wake-up every morning?: go to eat, practice ,talk with a friends

How long does it take to get ready in the morning ? 10 minutes

How do you relax? Going out with my friends, Cinema, pool , listening music

In a movie about your life, which actor/actress could play you?: I don’t really know ;P

Best shopping place?!: dolphin mall

Any advice for other players: believe in what you doing!




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