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   En pista


Name : Nikola Ciric                         

Nickname : Cira

Birthdate : 02.08.1983.

Nationality : Serbian

Best ATP Ranking : #151


Racket : T-Fight 315

String (+tension) : Black Code 1,25 (27/26 kg)

Years with Tecnifibre : 4 in total


Best shot : Service

Favorite player to watch : No one at the moment, Boris Becker before

Favorite tournament : Roland Garros


Best double partner : Goran Tosic

Best win/best memory : Still don't have best memory or win,but lots of favorites.

Except your racket, what’s always in your bag? Usual stuff


   En la vida


Main objective in life : to have successful life

Best synonymous for tennis : Life

Nothing is better than : Red Star fans


If you could turn pro in another sport which would it be and why? Football

You’re on a date an trying to impress, where do we go? Red Star football game, Marakana North side.

You’ve got 2 weeks and a private jet, where do we go? Guns N Roses Tour


Top 3 reasons to wake-up every morning? Food,tennis and rock n roll :)

How long does it take to get ready in the morning ? 30 minutes

How do you relax? Watch TV

In a movie about your life, which actor/actress could play you? Sylvester Stallone


Best shopping place? SOS Market

Number of friends on Facebook : Don't have Facebook


Favorite website :          

Favorite youtube video :

Favorite food : Serbian meat specialities

Favorite quotation : "I like to be real private; you don't always want everyone around you - even when they like you."


Any advice for other players : Die hard




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