Grégoire Barrere


Nationality : French

Age : 19

Best ATP Ranking : #1013

Best win : "European Team" 

Plays with:  T-Fight 305 and Tazor code 

At what age did you begin to play tennis ? 
I start tennis at 5 years old

Did you have a weakness as a kid that you worked hard to improve?
I was very lazy so i worked hard on it to erase this 

How important was/is your family in your career?
My family is important because they help me and they support me

 What other sports did you practice and why did you decide to concentrate fully on tennis?
I never practise an other sport but i like playing football with my friend

 What’s your favorite tournament / why ?
My favorite tournament is Wimbledon because it s very special there and also roland garros because it s at home !

Best win /memory ? 
My best win memory is when we won the European team

Any advice for other players to progress in Tennis?
You need to be confident 

Your powersong in your ipod before entering the court ?
Most often it is house music but at the moment I listen to Joyce Jonathan and Stromae "papaoutai"

How was the feeling of playing your first (Junior) Grand Slam ?
It was a great experience because it was in paris near my home with all my friends. I was very nervous but I play well I lost 8/6 in the third ...

My equipment

T-Fight 305 DC

Para ganar en precisión y reducir la rotura del cordaje

Razor Code

El cordaje de la ATP World Tour player's program. El top del spin y duración

Pro ATP Monster

El raquetero en versión XXL. Te caben tranquilamente 15 raquetas.

Nothing is better than ?
Nothing is better than an evening with my best friend. And a good restaurant.

Top 3 reason to wake up every morning?
Work harder, enjoy life and playing tennis !

What was the most important piece of advice you received along the way?
The most important advice I received is to be confident because i was not at all !


The concept was really great for me: that's a unique experience to discover the daily life of a top 10 on a tournament. 

I could discover how Janko's organizing his days, how he prepares, how implicated he is. And always 200% involved in his trainings !


He gave me some advice on my game, especially on my service and my footwork. 

It's not the first time I've been told this, but it's even more effective when it comes from a top 10 !